Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

EDI Policy

Cultural Diversity Action Plan

Dallas Black Dance Theatre has adopted a core value system that embraces all cultures to strengthen the organization by working together for a common purpose that delivers transformative experiences for all.

With no exclusions, Dallas Black Dance Theatre offers services to the entire population, regardless of race, age, or circumstance.  Since its founding, DBDT’s innovative approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion has been based on a dedicated commitment to lead by example and actively implement change rather than only conceptualize results.  Established by its Board of Directors, this initiative is fulfilled through the organization’s mission to bridge cultures, reach diverse communities, and encompass ever-expanding global audiences.


Measurable Goals for Diversification

Dallas Black Dance Theatre adheres to the diversity goals established by the City of Dallas 2018 Cultural Plan.

  • Staff – at least 20% ethnic diversity
  • Board of Directors – at least 20% ethnic diversity
  • Audiences – at least 20% ethnic diversity
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