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…And Now Marvin (1994)

Choreographer: Darryl B. Sneed

This work pays tribute to the legendary artist Marvin Gaye.  He was an extraordinary singer, composer and arranger.  Through his music he expressed despondency over key issues of his generation: politics, the war in Vietnam, the ecology and human conditions.


Angelitos Negros (1972)

Choreographer: Donald McKayle

Angelitos Negros is an excerpt from the ballet, Songs of the Disinherited. Translated to English, the lyrics read: Painter born in my native land with the foreign brush; Painter that continues the course of all the painters of old; Though the Virgin may be white, paint black angels for me; For the good ones also go to heaven; Painter indeed you paint with love!! Why do you deprecate those of your color, if you know that in heaven God also loves them? Painter of saints in alcoves, if you have a soul in your body; Why have you forgotten blacks in your paintings? Every time you paint a church you paint beautiful angels, but never do you remember to paint a black angel.


in•ter•pret (2005)

Choreographer: Hope Boykin

  1. to establish…, to ascribe…, to perform…, to translate…, to convert…

Philippians 4:13

This work was funded in part by the Arts District Foundation.


Instinct: 11.1 (2010)

Choreographer: Francesca Harper

Dedicated to my mother, Denise Jefferson.


Night Run (2003)

Choreographer: Christopher L. Huggins

Night Run is a look at the interaction of social forces and their transformation as night falls and the run for time. Night Run was made possible by a grant from The Allstate Foundation.


Pulse (2007)

Choreographer: Ray Mercer


RED (2001)

Choreographer: Bruce Wood®

Music: Phillip Glass, Violin Concerto II-III

This moving and dynamic piece, pays tribute to the choreographer himself. Set to a score by Phillip Glass, the music guides the piece as it explores American identity and perspective.


SLIDE (1992)

Choreographer: Margo Sappington

This work was originally commissioned by The Joffrey Ballet for their full evening ballet, BILLBOARDS. The section Slide is performed to four of Prince’s songs Computer Blue, I wanna Melt with U, The Beautiful Ones, and Release It. This section capitalizes on what the LA Times called, “bold artful contrasts in dynamics and emotion”.


Testament (2014)

Choreographer: Katricia Eaglin

Five themes from the bible abstractly depicted through dance.


touch(listen) (2014)

Choreographer: Christopher Vo in collaboration with the Dancers of DBDT 2014


Variations I (2003)

Choreographer: Milton Myers

Variations I has been a collaboration between  choreographer, Milton Myers and composer, William Cantanzaro.  The work is a structural composition of these and variation.  The movements develop from beginning elements of walking and running.


What to Say? Notes on Echo and Narcissus (2015)

Choreographer: Jamal Story

This work is from a larger work exploring the permanence of mythology and folklore in contemporary storytelling. What to Say addresses the nuances that might have existed, the possibilities that the complexities of male/female relationships may have changed very little since this ancient nymph/hunter bond.