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2017–2018 REPERTORY


African Strings

Choreographer: Bridget L. Moore


Awassa Astrige/Ostich (1934)
Choreographer: Asadata Dafora
The ostrich is not the comic bird, burying its head in the sand, as typically portrayed in cartoons, but it is a large, stately and potentially lethal bird should you suffer a blow from one of its powerful legs. The ostrich commands our respect, and in this portrayal, a warrior imitates the graceful but powerful movements of the King of the birds.


Bounce (2010)
Choreographer: Stephen Mills


Displaced/Yet Rebirth
Choreographer: Michelle Gibson


Choreographer: Christopher L. Huggins


His Grace (2014)
Choreographer: Christopher L. Huggins
Nelson Mandela… His grace exalts us all!


How to Kill A Ghost
Choreographer: Juel D. Lane


Choreographer: Rebecca Troyak


Mr. Soul: An Ode to Donny Hathaway
Choreographer: Bridget L. Moore


Reflections in D (1962)
Choreographer: Alvin Ailey
This strong yet serene solo is a stunning, masterful expression of Duke Ellington’s music.


Simply Sammy
Choreographers: Darrell Grand Moultrie and Marshall Davis Jr.


Sinatra Suite (1983)
Twyla Tharp
Choreography by: Twyla Tharp ©Twyla Tharp
World Premiere on 12/6/1983, Premiered by the American Ballet Theatre.


Southern Recollections: For Romare Bearden (2013)
Choreographer: Bridget L. Moore
Dedicated to the life and work of Romare BeardenEach collage depicts a series of collected memories, forging the past and the present. Mr. Bearden left a legacy of art that is socially relevant, depicts beauty in color, revealing his love and passion for humanity. Romare Bearden once remarked “modern painting progresses through cumulative destructions and new beginnings.”

Choreographer: Dwight Rhoden


Choreographer: Andy Noble


Tribute (2016)
Choreographer: Matthew Rushing
TRIBUTE—a gift, testimonial, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgement of gratitude or esteem. A special thank you to Mr. McKayle for your years of generosity and inspiration.


Uncharted Territory (2017)
Choreographer: Bridget L. Moore
Premiered 2017 at TITAS Presents Command Performance Series. TITAS Presents gifted the work for Dallas Black Dance Theatre to perform as part of its 40th Anniversary Season.